Body Found Under Guest

Body Found Under Guest’s Bed At Tibet Hotel

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Body Found Under Guest's Bed At Tibet Hotel

Guzang Shuhua Inn is a popular hotel in Tibet

A body was discovered under a guest’s bed at a hotel in Lhasa, Tibet on April 21 after he noticed a “strong” smell. The guest initially thought that the smell was coming from a bakery downstairs in Guzang Shuhua Inn or the room’s heating system. He slept on the same bed for three hours and was later moved to a different room because of the stench. A body was discovered moments later, BBC reported.

Later that night, the police arrested a person in connection with the case.

The Chinese man, identified in local media only as Mr Zhang told Shangyou News that he left Lhasa the next day.

Guzang Shuhua Inn is a popular hotel in Tibet on social media as a spot for taking photographs.

Post his horrifying stay, he posted a review, which soon went viral on social media.

However, the hotel denied the incident altogether.

He later posted the evidence of his stay at the hotel and wrote another review on the Chinese social media network Weibo.

On April 30, Mr Zhang during an interview with Shangyou News said, “I am very scared and I am still struggling to sleep.”

He shared that he checked into the hotel on April 21 and slept for a few hours before heading out at around 3.30 pm.

Mr Zhang shared that after he returned to the hotel, he found that the stench had only grown stronger. After returning from dinner, the smell became so strong that he requested the hotel authorities to change his room.

Later that night, the hotel staff knocked at his door and asked him to come to the room he left.

Police took his DNA and asked him not to worry as a person has been arrested in connection with the case.

The police have not disclosed any more details about the case, but they released a video of the suspect being arrested on a train to Lanzhou city, which is located in another province, BBC reported.

Mr Zhang said that he shared his story because the hotel refused to acknowledge it.

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