Boys, 6 And 3, Crash Parents

Boys, 6 And 3, Crash Parents’ Vehicle While Driving To Buy A Toy Car

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Boys, 6 And 3, Crash Parents' Vehicle While Driving To Buy A Toy Car

The car’s bonnet was damaged in the crash.

Two brothers, aged 6 and 3, sneaked out of their home in Malaysian island of Langkawi and drove their parents’ car for about 2.5km before crashing into a lamp post after losing control, CNN reported. A video of the incident appeared on social media in which the boys are heard saying that they wanted to go to a shop to buy a toy car, as per local media outlets. They boys were picked up by the police who said the car involved was a silver Toyota Vios.

The car attracted the attention of other drivers because they assumed the driver had been “drunk”.

Langkawi police chief Shariman Ashari was quoted as saying by CNN that the boys sneaked out of their home while their “mother was in the bathroom and father was asleep”.

“The driver was a minor aged six, who was driving a passenger – his brother, aged three. The crash occurred when the car, traveling from Ulu Melaka towards Kampung Nyior Chabang, lost control and crashed into a lamppost near Kampung Titi Chanwang,” Mr Shariman said.

The car’s bonnet was damaged in the crash.

The video of the incident that has gone viral on Facebook shows the boys sitting on the driver’s seat, wearing casual shirts and red pants.

They can be heard telling people around that they want to go to a toy store to buy a car model. “Mama is at home and we are going to the store,” the elder boy says in Malay, as per CNN. “We want to buy a black car,” the younger one adds.

The police have not named the brothers but said the elder boy suffered a cut to his chin while the younger one was not injured.

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