Watch: Man Saves Baby In Runaway Stroller Heading Towards Traffic

Heart-Stopping Video Shows Stroller With Baby Rolling Towards Traffic

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Watch: Man Saves Baby In Runaway Stroller Heading Towards Traffic

The man’s quick thinking prevented an unfortunate incident.

This could be a parent’s worst nightmare. A CCTV footage from the US shows a baby stroller rolling towards traffic after a strong gust of wind before a Good Samaritan raced to save it. The incident took place outside a supermarket in California when the baby’s caregiver was loading up a parked car, according to ABC News. As the stroller started moving, the caregiver ran towards it but tripped and fell to the ground. Thankfully, a man nearby stopped the strolled just before it could enter the busy road.

Watch the video:

“I heard screaming to the right,” Donna Gunderson, who was sitting on a nearby patio, told Australia-based 7News.

“And I look back, and I see a stroller going down the driveway, and my heart dropped,” she added.

But at that moment, Ms Gunderson saw her brother Ron Nessman running towards the stroller, which was on its way to the Bear Valley Road.

“The cars do 50-55 (miles per hour) and it was a busy time of day,” Ms Gunderson said.

However, before any unfortunate incident, Mr Nessman grabbed it.

Speaking to ABC News, he said, “The wind was blowing so hard, by the time I got to it, it was at the top of that driveway.”

“I noticed the stroller was going toward traffic. I instinctively ran toward the stroller and got it before it went into traffic,” he added.

After grabbing the stroller, he walked towards the “traumatised” caregiver and hugged her. “She was crying,” he said. “She was just in shock. That’s why I gave her a hug.”

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