Video: Horse Loses Control, Crashes Into Crowd During King Charles

Horse Loses Control, Crashes Into Crowd During King Charles’ Coronation

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Video: Horse Loses Control, Crashes Into Crowd During King Charles' Coronation

Video shows horse crashes into crowd

A video has surfaced on the internet which shows a horse involved in the coronation procession ramming backwards into the crowds after it appeared to be spooked. The incident took place minutes after King Charles III headed back to Buckingham Palace from Westminster Abbey.

The horse nearly collided with a mounted member of the king’s Royal Household just yards behind the Gold State Coach carrying Charles and Queen Camilla, New York Post reported.

Watch the video here:

The footage shows stunned spectators getting out of the path of the spooked animal as the metal barrier fell.

Military personnel, anticipating injuries, brought a stretcher to the scene, Wales Online reported – but no one appeared to be hurt enough to need it.

According to an Independent report, the public stood behind it and managed to dart out of the way, and it’s thought that no one was injured in the incident.

Meanwhile, Charles III was crowned monarch of the United Kingdom and 14 Commonwealth realms on Saturday at Britain’s first coronation for 70 years, during a ceremony steeped in a millennium of ritual and spectacle.

Charles, 74, became the oldest sovereign yet to be crowned at London’s Westminster Abbey, after a lifetime as heir to his late mother Queen Elizabeth II.


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