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King Charles’ Coronation- Faith Leaders Say Their Our Ethos Will Be Celebrated At King Charles’ Coronation

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Among Many Firsts, Religious Leaders To Be Part Of King Charles' Coronation


From the coronation themed biscuits to King Charles tea, to huge pieces of art on the streets, the royal event of the coronation of the King Charles the 3rd will take over the UK over the weekend.

The ceremony which is expected to be watched live by millions will see multiple faith leaders walking the procession. As a part of the many firsts during the coronation of King Charles on Saturday, the presence of many faiths at the ceremony is being welcomed by faith leaders.

From the Hindu to the Sikh to the Muslim communities representatives, all will play a role in the coronation ceremony. Rishi Sunak, the Britain’s Prime Minister and a practising Hindu will also make history by giving a reading from the Bible as the head of the UK government.

Vishaka Dasi, the president of the Hare Krishna Bhaktivedanta Manor temple in the UK attending the ceremony told NDTV that, “It is wonderful that our ethos will be celebrated at the coronation and is part of the king’s ongoing commitment to evoking harmony amidst diverse communities.”

Diverse groups will also be performing roles at the ceremony. Lord Inderjit Singh, representing the Sikh community said, “I am expected to present a coronation glove, also take part in the faith leaders procession through the Abbey and then at the end I am expected to join other faith leaders in giving some message which we will read out together wishing him well for the future.”

Female clergy will also play roles which is unusual. And the people will be invited to take an oath of allegiance to the King. The actual coronation service which will happen inside the grand Westminster Abbey will be a traditional 1,000 years old Christian service.

A coronation is happening after 70 years in Britain and that’s because Queen Elizabeth the 2nd reigned for 7 decades. The ceremony is expected to be contemporary, inclusive and very diverse – like London, the nation’s capital city.

However, the coronation is being held at a time when Britain is reeling under a cost-of-living crisis. The ceremony and activities associated with it, is expected to cost the state exchequer circa 80 million pounds.

“The Royal Family is acutely aware of the cost-of-living crisis and surely there is a huge cost to this event. But I’d like to focus on the other side of the balance sheet – the benefit of this event. There is an enormous economic benefit with tourists coming into the country and retailers will be doing a booming trade. And a non financial benefit is the Brand Britain – this soft power and how it will project the UK on the global stage” said Zaki Cooper, a former communications officer of Buckingham Palace.

There will be over 12,000 policemen and more than 10,000 soldiers on security duty in the heart of London on Saturday. The King and Queen will walk through a procession from the Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace after the service and join the royal family for a private lunch.

Over Sunday – big coronation lunches will take place across the nation – with people holding street parties.

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