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Man Wearing Latex Spotted “Crawling” On Road In UK Town, Arrested For Spreading Fear

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Man Wearing Latex Spotted 'Crawling' On Road In UK Town, Arrested For Spreading Fear

The man had previously been arrested on similar charges.

A man wearing latex has been arrested for terrifying the locals in Somerset, the BBC reported. The man jumped in front of the car of a woman, who was driving through the small village of Bleadon alone at night. The police were called to the incident by the woman shortly after midnight (local time). The police detained the man, who they said was in his 30s, the outlet further reported. The man had previously been arrested on suspicion of causing a public nuisance after similar incidents in the Cleeve, Claverham and Yatton areas in October last year.

“We understand this latest incident may cause the community some concern,” Inspected Graeme Hall told the BBC.

“We took this morning’s report extremely seriously and had officers on the scene within minutes which ultimately led to the arrest being made,” he further said.

The woman who spotted the gimp man told SomersetLive that he was dressed entirely in black latex with white crosses over his eyes, “crawling and writhing” over the ground.

“As soon as I got over the first railway bridge, I noticed something on the ground which I thought was a badger,” the woman, who has not been identified, told the outlet.

“As I got closer I could see it wasn’t, but in fact a man with a mask on, who was crawling and writhing on the ground,” she added.

The police have increased patrol in the Bleadon area.

According to Metro, such sightings have been reported at least 16 times since 2016.

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