Mysterious “Blue Goo” Creature In The Atlantic Ocean Baffles Scientists

The creature was noticed throughout an deep sea expedition.

The darkish depths of ocean generally reveal unbelievable creatures which have to this point remained hidden from the world. There have been movies that present bizarre holes on the seafloor and large squids that not often wash up on the shore. Now, one other such video has baffled marine scientists who’re attempting to establish the “blue goo” creature seen in it. The clip was captured by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA’s) Okeanos Explorer crew throughout a latest expedition within the Atlantic.

“Have you heard about the latest #Okeanos mystery? Seen multiple times during off St. Croix, this “blue #goo” animal stumped scientists, who thought it might be soft coral, sponge, or tunicate (but def not a rock!),” the NOAA Ocean Explorer stated on Twitter.

The creature seen within the video has a denim blue color and is seen with lumpy options throughout its physique. In one look, it appears to be like extra like a puddle than a ghost.

As per the narrator of the video, the marine scientists have seen these creatures a number of occasions throughout expedition, including that it may very well be a tender coral, tunicate or a sponge. They are ready to gather a pattern or ship a excessive decision picture to consultants to accurately decide what precisely that is.

“Scientists think it may be a soft coral, sponge, or tunicate…but at the moment, it remains a mystery,” NOAA stated on its web site.

The Okeanos Explorer has the mission to discover the mid-Atlantic vary to map the seafloor and research the geology and wildlife there. Using the distant operated underwater automobile (ROV), scientists goal to shed some gentle on the unexplored areas of the ocean.

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