On Camera, Basketball Player Faints Onstage During Joe Biden

On Camera, Basketball Player Faints Onstage During Joe Biden’s White House Speech

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On Camera, Basketball Player Faints Onstage During Joe Biden's White House Speech

The White House’s live broadcast was cut after the collapse.

US President Joe Biden’s White House celebration of the Louisiana State University (LSU) women’s basketball team went sideways on Friday after freshman forward Sa’Myah Smith fainted during his speech. The event was being live-streamed when the incident took place, forcing the broadcast to pause for roughly seven minutes while Ms Smith was tended to by medical staff, according to New York Post.  

A video going viral on social media showed Ms Smith standing with her teammates behind Mr Biden, before suddenly collapsing. The President, on the other hand, was left standing awkwardly as the athlete was treated and removed from the room in a wheelchair. 

Watch the video below: 

Once the event was resumed, Mr Biden said, “This is not the first time it has happened”. “White House guests have fainted in the past and required a checkup at a doctor’s office built into the executive mansion,” he added, as per the Post.

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Separately, in an update, the LSU Women’s Basketball said that Ms Smith is now “feeling well, in good spirits and will undergo further evaluation once back in the baton rouge”. 

“All is well! Thank you to the first responders and everyone who helped, you all are greatly appreciated! I guess you can say I left my mark at The white house,” the athlete tweeted.

Notably, according to People, the LSU Tigers were visiting the White House to celebrate their 2023 NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) Women’s Championship when they defeated the Iowa Hawkeyes in the March Madness tournament. The game reportedly pulled in around 9 million viewers, a record-breaking number for the women’s game. 

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