Parents In Pak Putting Padlocks On Daughters

Parents In Pak Putting Padlocks On Daughters’ Graves To Avoid Rape: Report

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Parents In Pak Putting Padlocks On Daughters' Graves To Avoid Rape: Report

Reports have revealed that necrophilia cases are on the rise in the country. (Representational)


In a shocking revelation, parents in Pakistan now guard their dead daughters against rape by putting padlocks to their graves, reported Daily Times.

Reports have revealed that necrophilia cases are on the rise in the country.

That a woman is raped every two hours in a country taking great pride in its family-oriented values has been hammered to the point of repetition in our collective conscience. But the heart-wrenching sight of padlocks on the graves of females is enough for the entire society to hang its head in shame and never dare to look at the so-called vessels of honour, read Daily Times editorial.

Harris Sultan, an ex-Muslim atheist activist and the author of the book “The Curse of God, why I left Islam” blamed hardline Islamist ideology for such depraved acts.

“Pakistan has created such a horny, sexually frustrated society that people are now putting padlocks on the graves of their daughters to prevent them from getting raped. When you link the burqa with rape, it follows you to the grave,” Sultan tweeted on Wednesday.

This is being done as a desperate bid to ensure the sanctity of dead bodies in case some randy monsters cherry-pick them to satiate their lust. Considering the rampant rise in necrophilia, one can’t help but understand the urge to protect loved ones, reported Daily Times.

Another Twitter user Sajid Yousaf Shah wrote, “The social environment created by #Pakistan has given rise to a sexually charged and repressed society, where some people have resorted to locking their daughter’s graves to protect them from sexual violence. Such a connection between rape and an individual’s clothing only leads to a path filled with grief and despair.”

Women’s bodies were said to have been unearthed and desecrated on several occasions. A necrophilia case was reported in Pakistan in 2011 when a grave keeper named Muhammad Rizwan from North Nazimabad, Karachi was arrested after he confessed to raping 48 female corpses.

According to National Commission for Human Rights, more than 40 per cent of Pakistani women have experienced some form of violence at least once in their lifetime.

Just a few days ago, a scorched body of an 18-year-old suspected to have been killed with an axe was found lying near Indus Highway. In Islamabad, Zahir Jaffer, the poster boy for sexual violence, is trying every trick in the playbook to escape his death sentence, reported Daily Times.

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