How AI Could Soon Take Over Elections

Cloggers AI would have a sole objective – To change peoples voting behavior. (Representational) Cambridge, United States: Could organizations use artificial intelligence language models such as ChatGPT to induce voters to behave in specific ways? Sen. Josh Hawley asked OpenAI CEO Sam Altman this question in a May 16, 2023, U.S. Senate hearing on artificial […]

Japan Privacy Watchdog Warns ChatGPT Maker Over Sensitive Data Collection

Japan is third-largest source of traffic to OpenAI’s website, according to Similarweb. (representational) Tokyo: Japan’s privacy watchdog said on Friday it has warned OpenAI, the Microsoft-backed startup behind the ChatGPT chatbot, not to collect sensitive data without people’s permission. OpenAI should minimise the sensitive data it collects for machine learning, the Personal Information Protection Commission […]

CEO’s Big Remark On Regulations

Before considering pulling out, OpenAI will try to comply with the regulation in Europe when it is set. London: OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said on Wednesday the ChatGPT maker might consider leaving Europe if it could not comply with the upcoming artificial intelligence (AI) regulations by the European Union. The EU is working on what […]

Bill Gates Predicts AI Will Teach Children To Read And Write Within 18 Months

Microsoft co-founder-turned-philanthropist Bill Gates The rapid advancement of Artificial Intelligence and its role in shaping our lives has sparked many debates. Recently, Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates shared his thoughts on the future of AI and predicted that during the next few years, AIs will “be as good a tutor as any human ever could.”  He stated that […]