Himalayan Glaciers Melting 65% Faster Than Previous Decade: Study

The glaciers feed 10 of the world’s most important river systems. Kathmandu, Nepal: Himalayan glaciers providing critical water to nearly two billion people are melting faster than ever before due to climate change, exposing communities to unpredictable and costly disasters, scientists warned Tuesday. The glaciers disappeared 65 percent faster from 2011 to 2020 compared with […]

Heat In Vietnam Smashes Previous Record

The record temperature of 44.1 degrees Celcius was measured Saturday afternoon Hanoi: Vietnam reported a record high temperature late Saturday with a north-central weather station measuring 44.1 degrees Celsius (111.38 degrees Fahrenheit), officials said, breaking a previous high set in 2019. South Asia has been sweltering under a heatwave for much of April, with neighbouring […]