IMF Says Russia Exit From Grain Deal Risks Adding To Global Food Inflation

The IMF said the deal had been instrumental in facilitating food, grain, and fertilizer exports. Washington: The International Monetary Fund on Wednesday said Russia’s exit from a deal allowing Ukrainian exports via the Black Sea threatens to increase global food insecurity and could drive food prices higher, especially in low-income countries. An IMF spokesperson said […]

IMF’s Gita Gopinath Warns AI Risks “Substantial Disruptions” In Jobs Markets: Report

Gita Gopinath called on policymakers to quickly craft rules to govern the technology. Washington:  IMF First Deputy Managing Director Gita Gopinath has warned of “substantial disruptions in labour markets” stemming from generative artificial intelligence and called on policymakers to quickly craft rules to govern the technology, the Financial Times reported on Monday. “We need governments, […]

Tackling Risks From AI Should Be “Global Priority,” Say Experts

ChatGPT’s wild success sparked a gold rush with billions of dollars of investment. (Representational) Paris: Global leaders should be working to reduce “the risk of extinction” from artificial intelligence technology, a group of industry chiefs and experts warned on Tuesday. A one-line statement signed by dozens of specialists, including Sam Altman whose firm OpenAI created […]

US Senator Uses ChatGPT To Open Hearing On AI, Raises Concerns Over Risks

Blumenthal said it was amazing that artificial intelligence could produce such a realistic audio clip. US Senator Richard Blumenthal opened a hearing on AI with a recording of his voice describing the risks of this emerging technology.  “Too often we have seen what happens when technology outpaces regulation,” he said. “The unbridled exploitation of personal […]