25 Countries Face Extremely High Water Stress, And It’s Getting Worse

Water scarcity jeopardises people’s lives, jobs, food, and energy security. Water scarcity is a worldwide concern that is currently impacting numerous regions across the globe. The combination of factors such as population growth, urbanisation, industrialization, climate change, and inefficient water management practices has contributed to the widespread problem of water scarcity. The consequences of water […]

As Heatwaves Bake South Asia, Study Says Temperature Reached “Extremely Dangerous” Level

The study warned about extreme temperatures in India and other Southeast Asian countries. Countries in South and Southeast Asia baked in record-breaking heatwaves in April with the temperature rising well above 40 degrees Celsius. While temperature in Bangladesh reached its highest level in 50 years, Thailand registered a record 45 degrees Celsius and Laos exceeded […]