Barack Obama, Steven Spielberg And Bruce Springsteen Surprise Staff At Barcelona Restaurant

Barack Obama, Steven Spielberg and Bruce Springsteen at Amar Restaurant. Former US President Barack Obama, along with film director Steven Spielberg and singer Bruce Springsteen, surprised the staff members at a Barcelona restaurant, as per a report in The Guardian.  The employees at Amar restaurant in Barcelona were left in shock on Thursday night as […]

Are Managers Incapable Of Dealing With Staff Mental Stress? Experts Say…

Companies and have been trying to find the right approach to mental health for years (Representational) Layoffs, return-to-office battles and concerns over artificial intelligence replacing jobs have elevated employee stress levels, exposing a troubling workplace deficiency: Very few managers know how to deal appropriately with workers’ mental health concerns. Nine out of ten US adults […]

Ex UK Minister Alok Sharma Bullied Staff, Sent All-Caps Emails: Report

Alok Sharma would often express his dissatisfaction by insulting staff’s work, the officials said. Even as UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak braces for a report on whether his second-in-command bullied staff, he’s facing new allegations that a former Cabinet minister from his party berated civil servants. Conservative MP Alok Sharma was difficult, unpredictable and could […]