Ukraine Calls Russia “Terrorist State” At World Court After Kakhovka Dam Blast

The Hague, Netherlands: Ukraine branded Russia a “terrorist state” at the International Court of Justice on Tuesday, accusing it of destroying a major dam in what it said was a campaign of violence dating back years. “Just today, Russia blew up a major dam located in Nova Kakhovka, causing significant civilian evacuations, harsh ecological damages,” […]

US State Pennsylvania Declares Diwali As Official Holiday

Earlier in February, New York city declared Diwali holiday for school students. Pennsylvania: United States Pennsylvania has declared the Hindu festival of Diwali as a national holiday, Senator Nikil Saval tweeted on Wednesday. “The Senate voted unanimously to recognize Diwali as an official holiday! To all Pennsylvanians who celebrate this festival of light and connection: […]

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken

Conflict between the army and paramilitaries in Sudan has killed about 200 people. Karuizawa, Japan: US Secretary of State Antony Blinken spoke with two generals leading warring forces in Sudan and “underscored the urgency of reaching a ceasefire”, a State Department spokesman said Tuesday. Blinken also confirmed a US diplomatic convoy had been fired upon […]