5 Big Controversies Of British Home Secretary

Suella Braverman became home secretary in October 2022. British Home Secretary Suella Braverman is facing one of her toughest time, with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak under pressure to sack her for criticising pro-Palestinian marches in a news article. Here’s a list of Ms Braverman’s controversies: Homelessness a “lifestyle choice”: Days before comparing pro-Palestinian protests with […]

Climate Targets Should Not Bankrupt British People: UK’s Suella Braverman

“We’re not going to save the planet by bankrupting the British people,” Suella Braverman said. (File) London: UK interior minister Suella Braverman said Wednesday that green policies should not mean “bankrupting” British citizens as Prime Minister Rishi Sunak appeared set to soften some of the government’s net-zero pledges. Her comments come amid growing concern of […]