Video: US Teen Pepper-Sprays Teacher After He Confiscates Her Phone, Internet Outraged

Teen Pepper-Sprays Teacher Twice After He Confiscates Her Phone, Internet Outraged

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Video: US Teen Pepper-Sprays Teacher After He Confiscates Her Phone, Internet Outraged

The incident has left internet users outraged

A shocking video has captured the moment a high school student in the US pepper-sprayed her teacher twice after he took her phone away in class last week, Metro reported. The incident that has caused outrage on social media platforms, happened at Antioch High School near Nashville, Tennessee. 

The video originally shared on Reddit opens to show the male teacher walking out of the classroom after being pepper-sprayed and being followed by the female student who is asking for her phone back. The student was reportedly “texting and Googling answers for her school work” when the teacher took away her phone.

When she tries to grab her phone back, the teacher pulls his arm away. The student then pepper-sprays him again, following which he falls to the ground crying out in pain. However, the student continues saying that she wants her phone back. ”Can I get my phone, I need my phone,” she screams.

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Another teacher from a neighbouring classroom told the girl she cannot have her phone back as the pepper-sprayed teacher attempted to recover. 

According to the person who posted the video to Reddit, the same teacher was also previously punched in the face when he confiscated another student’s phone when the latter was caught cheating.  The user explained that incidents like these were commonplace at this Antioch high school.

The incident has left internet users outraged and many stated that she “straight up assaulted” the faculty member. One user said, ”This. She would be expelled immediately to a third-world country. Often time, I wonder why young people don’t respect their teachers in America. Is kind of a cultural shock to me. I’m an immigrant. This kind of behaviour will not be tolerated in my native country.”

Another said, ”The sad part is all the other kids just laugh likes it’s a joke.”

A third wrote, ”And they say schools don’t need armed security guards. Some kids are thugs and learn from their mamas.” A fourth added, ”The student definitely wasn’t justified either legally or ethically with their actions towards the teacher. The issue with the current generation of kids is that electronics are so embedded in their social structure, some kids have an almost addictive behaviour when it’s taken away even if just temporarily.”

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