Video: Bison Rams Into An Auto Rickshaw, Nearly Flips It In Kerala

Twitter customers who commented on the video talked about comparable experiences.

Deforestation and wildlife disturbance regularly may result in hazardous animal-human battle. When a video of an Indian bison working over an auto-rickshaw went viral earlier this week, it served as an illustration of the sort of debate.

In the viral video, an autorickshaw was struck by an Indian bison in Kerala. An observer who witnessed the horrifying occasion recorded it on a cell machine.

The wild animal might be seen charging on the rickshaw within the footage earlier than placing it. The automobile is then raised by the bison whereas the motive force is perched inside it on its horns.

The video was posted on Twitter by a preferred account named WildLense Eco Foundation (@WildLense_India). The video was captioned as, “Never underestimate the Gaur/Indian Bison. Maintain proper distance, otherwise it can be fatal.”

The video has greater than 387,000 views and about 4,000 likes. The video surprised and nervous viewers, who left a number of feedback.

Indian bison are primarily discovered within the Western Ghats’ mountainous areas, equivalent to Bandipur, Wayanad, and Mudumalai. They are giant cattle, with males weighing over 800 kg and females weighing over 700 kg.

Bison populations in mainland South and Southeast Asia have been traditionally present in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia, Myanmar, India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, and Nepal.The species’ present vary is extraordinarily fragmented, and Sri Lanka is the place it has gone extinct.

Twitter customers who commented on the video talked about comparable experiences that they had when coming throughout Indian bison.

Some customers blamed the shining headlights of autos for this aggressive behaviour by the animals. One consumer wrote, “I believe the fancy shining light must have intimidated the wild.”

One consumer with a deal with named @judy_somaiah wrote, “A horrifying experience well etched in my memory. Happened when I was 9 years old. ‘Nagarhole,’ dusk had fallen, my maternal uncle was driving a jeep with headlights on, encountered a herd of bisons, something triggered, a bull charged & toppled the jeep into a ditch. We were fortunate to be alive with injuries. Later, I was told by the forest officials that bisons are highly sensitive towards headlights. Though bulky, though bulky they are fast runners and highly agile animals. It’s the headlights!”

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