“You Are  Shudra  Till You Remain A Hindu”: Tamil Nadu MP Sparks Row


DMK deputy common secretary A Raja sparked an issue over his Shudra comment and drew BJP’s ire with the saffron occasion accusing him of spewing hatred towards a group to appease others.

Shudras, the Nilgiris MP claimed, have been insulted in Manusmrithi and denied equality, training, employment and entry into temples.

“You are a Shudra till you remain a Hindu. You are the son of a prostitute till you remain as Shudra. You are a Panchaman (Dalit) till you remain a Hindu. You are an untouchable till you remain a Hindu,” Raja mentioned whereas addressing a gathering of Dravidar Kazhagam right here.

In a video that went viral in social media he was heard saying “how many of you wish to stay as children of prostitutes? How many of you wish to remain untouchables? Only if we are vocal about these questions, it will become elemental in breaking Sanathana (dharma).”

The former Union Minister claimed that the Supreme Court had dominated that if one just isn’t a Christian, Muslim or Persian, then one needs to be a Hindu. “Is there any other country meting out such cruelty?” he questioned.

Raja, who took to Twitter to specific his view, requested “Who are Shudras? Are they not Hindus? Why have they been insulted in Manusmrithi and denied equality, education, employment and temple entry. The Dravidian movement, as a saviour of 90% of Hindus, questioned and redressed these, cannot be anti-Hindus.”

Flaying him, BJP State chief Okay Annamalai termed his justification as “a sorry state of political discourse in Tamil Nadu.”

“@arivalayam MP has yet again spewed hatred against one community with the sole aim of appeasing others. Very, very unfortunate mindset of these political leaders who think they own Tamil Nadu,” he tweeted.

BJP Mahila Morcha nationwide president Vanathi Srinivasan mentioned Raja has insulted the ladies and Hindus on quite a few events.

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